Because there’s more to life than workie-workie…

Travel nursing offers you many perks, but I think the top one is freedom of choice.

You can work at various locations, explore new cities, make new friends, and enjoy downtime between contracts. Yep, no rule says you need to jump right into the next contract. In fact, taking a break between gigs may be just what the, uhm, the doctor ordered.

This article will tell you about the 5 things you can plan between your travel nursing assignments.

Explore the city you’re in

You can fill your gaps between travel nursing assignments by exploring the area you’re currently working at. 

Make a bucket list of sites you have always wanted to scope out. Discover the attractions near your work or where you’re living. Every city has its uniqueness so try to visit one spot at a time to get the whole essence of where you’re at.

You can also spend your leisure time trying out a new cuisine or doing an adventurous activity. 

For instance, visiting Niagara Falls in New York or eating an ice cream sandwich from that quirky little ice cream shop would turn your break into an experience.

Upgrade your nursing skills

Working on your skills can be a great way to spend time between travel nursing assignments. Take a short certificate course you’ve always been curious about or pursue training in a different specialty. Travel nursing has opened many doors for you. You can study online on your free days and practice new skills during gaps between your contracts.

One of the things I’m doing is taking a tactical trauma course. It’s only two days long but sounded super fun and, at the same time, will give me a new skill set.

Plus, you never know; these certificates may help you get potential travel nursing assignments. It also makes you better at your job in the long run.

Plan a get-together

While working on a travel nursing assignment, meeting your family and friends may be challenging. A gap between your assignments gives you a perfect opportunity to visit your hometown and revive your relationships.

Catching up with your favorite folks can add a new boost to your life. Plus, the hometown break just does a person well. That R&R of getting back home may be just what you need to get ready for the next gig.

Volunteer your services

You can always make the most out of your travel nursing gap by volunteering your services for a good cause. 

Put your medical and nursing training into work by helping people in need. For instance, participate in community services by joining a disaster management team. You can partake in a blood donation drive or teach CPR to promote health awareness within your locality.

Moreover, volunteer work will add value to your resume and enrich your future nursing career.

Live a little

Travel nursing is a hectic job that demands your full attention and hard work. 

Therefore, take advantage of your contract gap by living a normal life. Cook your favorite meal, pick a novel from your bookshelf, or binge-watch some Netflix. Heck, do all three. Seriously, you deserve it more than anyone else.

Give yourself the time to rest and rejuvenate your mental health before the start of your next assignment.

The final word

Between travel nursing assignments, you can do many things to make the most of your time. 

You can explore the city you’re in, upgrade your nursing skills, plan a get-together with family and friends, volunteer your services, or just live a little. These are all great ways to enjoy your break and recharge before starting the next assignment.

After all, there’s no rule that says you can’t take a break!

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next, or first, assignment today.


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