Best practices for pursuing a SAFE and exciting career in travel nursing

Being a travel nurse is a great way to explore the country and gain experience.

It’s an exciting and memorable journey, but if you don’t take certain safety precautions, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. I want to share with you some of the safety tips I used when I traveled so you can be better prepared and have just as memorable of a time.

Prepare Before You Go

Before setting out on your trip, make sure to do some research on the area you’ll be in.

Knowing what to expect will help keep you from being taken off guard by any surprises. Learn about the local laws, customs, and culture so that you can better understand what is expected of visitors. This can also help you avoid any possible awkward or dangerous situations.

Also, familiarize yourself with the place of employment before beginning work.

Ask questions if needed and get clear answers from them regarding their policies and procedures. It’s important to know what rules they have in place and what they expect from their employees so that everyone is on the same page.

Secure Your Residence 

Wherever you decide to stay during your travels, always make sure your residence is secure.

Ensure all doors and windows are locked at all times, even if you are just stepping away for a few minutes. If possible, bring your own locks with you or ask the host or property manager if they can provide extra security measures such as a deadbolt lock or an alarm system. Additionally, be sure that the area has good lighting around the building since this helps deter any potential burglars from entering. 

Be Mindful of Your Belongings

This may seem obvious but do not leave any belongings unattended when traveling alone.

This includes laptops, phones, purses, wallets, etc. If possible, try to keep your valuables on your person at all times or make sure they have locked away securely in your hotel room or apartment while away from home. It is also a good idea to make copies of all important documents such as ID cards, passports, and driver’s licenses before leaving home so that if something should happen and those items get lost or stolen while traveling, they can be replaced more easily without much difficulty.

Additionally, try not to carry large amounts of cash on you when traveling since it can attract unwanted attention, such as theft or robbery attempts.

Instead, opt for carrying cards whenever possible or use online payment methods like PayPal or Venmo if needed instead of cash transactions.

Trust Your Instincts

If something doesn’t feel right, then trust your instincts and stay away from it or the people involved with it.

Sometimes our gut feelings tell us things we need to hear even though we don’t always want to. So listen to yourself first and foremost when making decisions about where to go or who to talk to while traveling alone, as these could likely save your life one day!

And finally…

Stay Connected 

If you find yourself in an emergency situation while traveling, having quick access to help is essential.

Make sure family members know where you will be going, and keep them updated throughout the duration of your trip, so they are aware if something goes wrong. Additionally, bring along a cell phone (with international service enabled), so you can easily call for help when necessary. It also may be helpful to install a panic button app onto your phone, which allows family members or friends to track your location and receive emergency alerts quickly in case of an emergency event.

The Final Word

Travel nursing is an amazing way for nurses and healthcare providers alike to gain experience outside their comfort zone while exploring new places around the world.

However, staying safe should always come first before anything else when traveling alone. Knowing your surroundings, being aware of your belongings, and trusting your instincts are just some things that everyone should keep in mind when embarking on their next travel nursing adventure! Be safe out there.

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