Because life isn’t always about “hourly rates”

It’s a wonderful time to explore some amazing new locations, my fellow nurse travelers.

Finding your perfect travel nursing assignment has never been easier! With something to satisfy everyone, there’s an ideal match for every traveler.

When discussing travel nurse assignments, there are three types of locations: the ones that are universally popular and always top choices, those that have high current demands, and then the hidden gems only found by experienced travel nurses.

And, of course, the final factor is pay.

But enough chit-chat; let’s dive in.

DESTINATION #1: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Wyoming’s mild climate and vast open spaces create an idyllic destination for all nature-lovers, or those looking to enjoy a laidback lifestyle with budget-friendly living expenses.

Home to roughly 100,000 people, Cheyenne is one of the nation’s smaller cities. Yet it offers unparalleled natural wonders – from rolling hills and gushing rivers in the east to towering mountains and lush forests in the west. It’s a breathtaking sight that you have to see for yourself!

Working a travel assignment in this area gives you the best of both worlds – capture all that city life has to offer while basking in the rustic beauty of the old West.

DESTINATION #2: Boise, Idaho

You’d have to look high and low for anything negative about Idaho.

For travel nurses who are passionate about the great outdoors, Idaho is a dream destination with its snowcapped mountains and lush forests spanning for miles and looming under a refreshingly crisp northern climate.

Idaho is evolving fast, so now’s the perfect time to experience its majestic natural sites. With Yellowstone National Park a stone’s throw away, why wait any longer? Make your way to Idaho and tick it off of your travel nurse bucket list ASAP!

DESTINATION #3: Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska is the last untouched region of America and draws in those that crave adventure, a new experience or an escape from regularity.

The summer months bring extremely lengthy days with little to no darkness while winter brings almost perpetual nightfall – truly living up to its reputation as being uniquely wonderful.

Despite Alaska’s geographic distance, it is a warm and inviting place. The northernmost US state has much to offer to those seeking outdoor adventure — from serene alpine villages and remote island communities in need of nurses for the safety of its inhabitants to exotic excursions that will take your breath away!

DESTINATION #4: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is undoubtedly renowned for The Alamo, yet you’ll undeniably remember more from your stay in this outstanding city!

And a little insider secret? It’s the hometown of the writer, ME!

Embrace the sun and all of its perks with a travel nursing job in San Antonio! Not only will you feel warmer temperatures, but there are endless opportunities for exploration too. From historic sightseeing to shopping, golfing, caving, and more – San Antonio is ready to be explored. Start your journey off right by seeing some must-dos like The Alamo, a stroll through the historic missions, or check out the revitalized and historic Pearl District. Wherever you decide to go first – make sure it’s memorable because this city has it all!

If you’re looking for an exciting culinary experience, the Culinary Institute of America is a great place to take classes. Day trips from San Antonio are also possible and provide some truly unique experiences; New Braunfels offers stunning scenery with its country music legacy while Bandera – home of the famous “Cowboy Capital of the World” – provides something different altogether!

DESTINATION #5: Los Angeles, California

LA is one of the largest, and frankly, coolest, cities in the entire USA.

Some of the cool things to do include going to the beach, checking out Hollywood Boulevard, or taking a walk in the famous Griffith Park. You can find a never-ending list of activities that you can do here. And of course, let’s not forget Disneyland.

If you’re looking for a travel nursing job in LA, there’s no doubt that your time here will be inspiring and fun. With endless possibilities for entertainment, education, culture, and exploration -Los Angeles is the perfect place to call home for any nurse who loves adventure! Whether you want to take part in some of the best festivals in the world, explore its vibrant nightlife, or check out some of the incredible attractions – you’ll be sure to find something that sparks your interest when traveling through this bustling metropolis!

Los Angeles truly has it all.

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.


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