#3 is the one that saved my career

Success as a travel RN is a very nebulous term.

It means different things to each RN, and frankly, it doesn’t happen randomly or exist on pure luck alone.

Sure, luck has a hand in your journey as a nurse, but that’s only a small piece of it. The other part is up to you. You have to work hard to build a thriving career. And besides the actual work and hustle, you need to have a few solid skills in your repetoire.

You need technical nursing skills like patient assessment, nursing interventions, and care planning. You also need to build soft skills like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

You would think that any travel RN who assembled such a war room of readiness would be nearly invincible, yet there is one simple thing that is powerful enough to topple every top ink slinger from the podium.

It’s the silent attacker of your positive momentum and an absolute enemy of your success.

What am I referring to?


When you don’t take care of yourself, then no amount of knowledge and skill will save you. That’s why it’s important to remember the five advantages that I discovered when I decided to quit my 9–5 job in healthcare and become a travel nurse:

Burnout will pull you away from your plan and steal your success.

Battling burnout is a daily challenge for nurses and especially travel RNs, but it’s possible to learn how to slay the dragon. Three ways to do that are:

Practicing self-care

It’s important to carve out time for yourself and make sure that you are taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Especially as a travel nurse, taking the time to practice self care is essential for managing burnout in order to continue succeeding in our career field. It takes dedication and commitment to make sure that you are doing what’s required for proper self-care. Whether it be a weekly yoga class, carving out time during your day for an enjoyable hobby, scheduling yourself regular massage therapy sessions or something else entirely – whatever works best for you – prioritizing self-care within your daily routine will make all the difference when it comes to succeeding as a travel nurse.

It’ll help improve your job performance while also boosting morale and quality of life.

Taking the time to do things that make you feel rested and relaxed is essential for managing burnout.

Setting boundaries

Knowing your limit and learning to say “no” can help you prevent overworking yourself and keep a healthier work-life balance.

Say “no” to that lousy contract…

Say “no” to always being the float RN…

Say “no” to a precarious housing situation…

Saying no means that you’re saying yes to you. It’s not selfish or wrong, it’s necessary for your success. It’s also a critical building block in your journey as a travel RN.

Connecting with a community

Surround yourself with supportive and uplifting people who understand the healthcare industry, so that you have peers to talk to when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Building a strong support system is essential to fending off burnout by creating an environment where you can share your feelings and frustrations with someone who has the same goals as you.

By adding these tools to your RN toolbox, you can manage burnout and build a successful career as a travel nurse. These three tools have helped me stay focused throughout my journey and they can help you too. So, gear up with the right tools, so that you can succeed in your nursing career. Don’t let burnout get in the way of reaching success – take the necessary steps to fight it and move forward with confidence…

Every. Single. Day.

Remember, your success hinges on your focus, so be diligent in slaying the things that impede you from achieving your goals.

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