Toss in a pandemic, and we have an entirely new career field

The US is facing a nursing shortage that seems to have no end in sight. 

Some estimates believe that the US will be short 2-400,000 nurses by the year 2025, and as a result, travel nursing companies have flourished.

Some of the reasons behind this shortage include more demand for care from an aging population, plus the overstretched schedules of many nurses, which can lead to burnout.

But travel nursing has emerged as a solution for both hospitals and nurses alike. By offering flexible work schedules, competitive pay and benefits packages, plus the chance to see new places while earning money, travel nursing companies have helped keep patients healthy while assisting nurses in expanding their horizons and not enough younger people entering the profession.

Why Is Nursing Shortage Prevalent?

Every day, the number of patients admitted into healthcare facilities is increasing. 

The latest explosion of incomers was experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, research published by American Public Health Association warned the healthcare system by stating that the USA will have to counter the shortage of nurses by the end of 2025. 

The nursing shortage has resulted in travel nurses becoming much more prominent. Travel nurses work with healthcare facilities to fill staffing gaps, offering many benefits for the hospital and the nurse. Some of these benefits include flexible schedules, great pay, benefits packages, and new experiences while earning money. 

Does the Shortage Benefit Travel Nurses?

The nursing shortage has created many positives for traveling nurses; here are just a few of them.

Higher pay

Let’s cut right to the heart of the matter.

Travel RNs are generally paid much more than staff RNs. This can be due to the increased demand for nursing services in hospitals and other healthcare facilities and travel nurses (generally) being more experienced than staff RNs.

Also, hiring travel nurses aids the limited budgets of many healthcare systems by saving revenue invested for full-time workers’ salaries.

Seeing new places

For many nurses, travel nursing is a great way to explore new places while continuing to work in their chosen profession.

It can be an excellent opportunity to improve your skills, experience different healthcare systems, and network with other traveling nurses. 

Expand your professional network

In addition to seeing new places, travel nurses can benefit from the opportunity to make connections and expand their professional network.

This is an excellent way for nurses to meet other professionals in their field and learn about opportunities that may not be available at home. Plus, nurses can increase their chances of landing better jobs by having a more extensive network.

Overall, thanks to the nursing shortage, travel nursing has emerged as a viable solution for

But travel nursing isn’t just beneficial for nurses – it also helps hospitals and healthcare facilities by filling staffing gaps, reducing costs, and providing experienced nurses who can help keep patients healthy.

Overall, it’s clear that the nursing shortage has benefited travel nurses in many ways. It has helped increase their pay, give them more flexibility in where and when they work and gain valuable experience while having fun traveling the country. 

Benefits of Travel Nurses to Healthcare Facilities 

One of the untold truths is that travel RNs can also help hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

By filling staffing gaps, travel nurses can help ensure that patients receive the care they need and reduce costs by minimizing the need for full-time employees. Plus, since many travel nurses have more experience than staff RNs, they can provide valuable assistance to healthcare teams when it comes to treating patients.

This matters because a facility can save money using temp staff versus hiring full-time nurses.

Overall, it’s clear that travel nurses provide many benefits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They are a valuable resource that can help ensure that patients receive the care they need while also helping to reduce costs and free up resources. 

The final word

The nursing shortage has created many opportunities for travel nurses, and it is clear that these professionals provide significant benefits to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. 

Whether through increased pay, flexibility, or professional networking, travel nurses play an important role in ensuring that patients receive the care they need. As the shortage continues, we can expect more opportunities for travel nurses as hospitals and other healthcare facilities work to meet their staffing needs. 

So if you are a nurse looking for new challenges and opportunities, consider traveling and taking advantage of the many benefits of working in this exciting field.

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