Spoiler alert: they’re dramatically different than the 25-year-old traveler

It’s no secret that travel nurses often bring a unique and invaluable set of skills and experience to their profession.

But did you know that this is especially true for travel nurses over the age of forty? That’s right! “Older” nurses bring a wealth of knowledge, adaptability, and maturity to the table.

Let’s explore some of the benefits they offer.

Experience: Age brings with it an added layer of experience—both professional and personal—which can be incredibly valuable in a variety of healthcare settings.

More seasoned travel nurses often have years of experience in a variety of settings, which makes them highly sought after by hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare organizations. This experience can prove invaluable in times when more experienced personnel are needed.

And remember, it’s not just as nurses where they shine. Many are on a second career and bring tons of experience from past careers as well.

Adaptability: As any nurse knows, one thing you can always expect from travel nursing is change; from different hospital policies to new staff members, each assignment will present new challenges.

Thankfully, travel nurses over forty may be better equipped to handle these changes due to their life experiences outside of nursing. They may also possess a higher level of emotional intelligence than their younger counterparts due to their maturity—a valuable asset when dealing with different types of people or situations.

Plus, with the added experience comes a higher level of adaptability when it comes to learning new policies and procedures.

Mentorship: With years spent honing their craft as well as developing soft skills such as problem-solving and communication, experienced travel nurses may be able to serve as mentors or role models for younger nurses just starting out in their careers.

This guidance can help newer nurses learn how to manage difficult patients or situations while providing quality patient care at all times. And more so, this mentorship could go beyond the professional realm by providing advice on things such as travel destinations, job search techniques, and more.

Leadership: Another huge quality nurses over 40 often bring to the table is their ability to be natural leaders.

From leading other staff members and managing tasks to providing excellent patient care, experienced nurses are more than capable of taking a leadership role in any setting. Plus, their knowledge and experience can be invaluable when guiding other nurses through difficult situations.

Clearly, experienced travel nurses over forty offer a large variety of benefits to the healthcare industry.

All in all, the unique set of skills and experience possessed by travel nurses over forty can prove invaluable when it comes to navigating new settings or mentoring.

Another value add for recruiting travel nurses over 40 is the fact that they may already have contacts in the industry from their past assignments, which can be immensely helpful when looking to find a new assignment.

The Final Word

Experienced (in age) travel nurses bring a wealth of unique qualities and experiences to the table that other age groups simply don’t have access to yet.

From years spent honing their craft in various settings, adaptability when it comes to changing environments, higher levels of emotional intelligence, and mentorship potential—travel nurses over 40 offer something special that should not be overlooked.

If you’re looking for experienced personnel who will make an impact on your organization and provide top-notch patient care look no further than seasoned travel nurses over 40.

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