Some folks believe that stress is simply a figment of your imagination.

They think that all you need is a mindset shift, some power words, a fist pump, and boom…it goes away.

Well, I don’t think those folks are nurses or have had to adapt to a new hospital in a matter of a few hours.

Feel me?

Stress is a common con to becoming an effective travel RN. New stress arises as you head to a new locale, new people, and new processes. The mistakes you make and the actions you forget to take are your responsibility. However, there are many things you can do to destress to enjoy your travel nurse journey better.

Because the truth is, the things you will and are going through are real.

Here are six stress management tips to learn as a new travel RN.

Make time for fun and time with loved ones

Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make time for loved ones and friends.

Spending time with people you care about away from the hospital is a great way to unwind and forget about a tough shift. Letting go of this stress is vital to your health and your mental well-being. 

Don’t be that person who is so wrapped up in any one shift that you forget the people around you.

The ones who love and support you.

Have a proper plan and follow it

A common culprit of stress is a lack of direction, accurate information, and general life goals.

Imagine you wanna drive from Dallas to Topeka, so you hop in the car and drive. Only to later realize you didn’t pack clean underwear and that you’re headed in the wrong direction.

Lack of a plan, even a wicked simple one, can crush you.

Filling in your life plan ultimately can help to relieve this stress. As you go through each day, you will learn you really have what it takes to succeed not only in life but in your daily grind.

Even if it’s on the back of a napkin, have a plan!

Learn how, when, and where to delegate

While many people make it sound possible, doing all the work yourself will only lead you to burnout in the long run.

In the beginning, you will need to prove your chops and hustle.

You can’t do everything it takes to manage a patient load, especially when you’re still trying to figure out where things are. So while delegating may not come easy as a first-time traveler, it can be a powerful method to prevent burnout and stress from destroying your assignement.

Focus on your career goals

Instead of focusing on the stress, focus on what truly matters instead—your love for your career and the need to accomplish all your goals.

Simply doing the work and completing each of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals can provide you the stress relief you need to keep going.

Always have in your mind’s eye, the exact reasons why you made the leap into travel nursing in the first place.

Don’t forget about proper self-care

Everyone requires their own self-care routine to feel confident, happy, and healthy.

Maybe it’s a daily walk.

Could be you block out a morning for church.

Without your health and happiness, you can’t expect to be successful in any endeavor. Your mental health can easily reflect in your caregiving and communication. Always schedule a time to do the self-care routine you need to feel your best and never feel guilty. If this means you need an hour to sit in the bath every night, schedule it and enjoy it and don’t allow yourself to skip it. You deserve it and need it, and so do your well-being and career.

You need to find a way to focus on your physical, mental, and emotional needs as well if you want to succeed as a travel RN.

Start with gratitude and positivity

Starting your day with positivity is a great way to relieve stress and ensure it goes in the right direction.

Expressing gratitude is also known to release chemicals in the brain that help to make you feel better and happier. This means it can be an excellent tool to use if you need instant relief.

On its basis, here’s what rocks my day every day.

Waking up!

Seriously, when I open my eyes I thank the good Lord for another day to crush my goals and, make a difference.

The final word

In order to relieve stress, it’s important for travel RNs to take a step back and focus on their goals, health, and loved ones.

While delegation and having a life plan are essential, don’t forget to schedule time every day for yourself to do things that make you happy and relaxed. Expressing gratitude is also known to have positive effects on the mind and body, so make sure to start each day with a positive attitude!

By following these steps, you can hopefully reduce the amount of stress you’re feeling and maintain a healthy balance between work and life.

What are some of the ways you manage stress? Let us know in the comments below!

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