There are so many options these days for travel nurses at healthcare facilities across the US.

And arguably even as necessary are the recruiters at travel nurse agencies.

So what really makes a great nurse recruiter?

Travel nurses have many questions about the best agency to work with, how they negotiate for higher wages, better benefits and bonuses, and the average pay rate for travel nurses. Travel nursing can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Travel nurses need help determining these factors to create the perfect travel nursing experience and find the proper assignment for themselves.

Many moving parts go into creating and sustaining a great travel nurse experience. Things like traveler stipends, professional support, housing options, and compensation rates, just to name a few.

Travel nurses want an agency that will advocate for them as their number one priority when looking for assignments or making decisions on where they should work next. And this person needs to embody many, if not all, of the following qualities.

Good Recruiters Are Also Excellent Communicators

Whether you’re a nurse on your first travel assignment or an experienced traveler, the best recruiters know when to speak up and are honest with you.

Your recruiter will need to be patient with you as he or she guides you through the maze of options so that you can get everything completed and submitted well before your assignment starts. 

The best recruiters will also be relentless in assuring that you fully grasp your benefits, bonuses and stipends, and anything else in their packages and offerings.

Seek out a recruiter who you trust and who you know has your best interests in mind, and at the same time, can see any potential obstacles before they ever happen.

They Are Experienced Pros

The truth of the matter is it takes time to learn the travel nursing industry.

Even someone who is a natural at recruiting will typically need at least a few years of experience to be a great recruiter. They will diligently document your certifications, specialties, and location preferences to line up new assignments for their nurses so nobody is scrambling for one when the current contract is over or about to wrap up. 

A good recruiter is like a nursing mind-reader and may be able to answer your questions long before you even ask.

So if you are a travel nurse looking for that star recruiter, don’t hold back.

Great Nurse Recruiters Have The Personality to Match

Talking and interacting with nurses is a big part of a recruiter’s daily job, and that’s not for everyone.

The best recruiters genuinely enjoy talking with people and being problem solvers. A recruiter who enjoys helping nurses secure the best assignments is the kind you want to work with and can handle a high-demand job. It’s critical to find a recruiter who “gets” your personality and matches your comfort level. 

Also, be sure to let your recruiter know how you like to be contacted. Some prefer email, some text, and others a phone call, so be sure you and your recruiter are in synch to avoid any heartaches later on.

They’ve Got Solid Organization Skills

There are many moving parts involved in the inner workings of a travel nursing assignment, and your recruiter is largely responsible for making sure things run “on time-on target.”

As nurses, we know that we have a lot of documentation to keep up with and license items too, so a great recruiter will almost be like your 3rd hand when it comes to managing all these moving parts.

That being said, the great recruiters will give you plenty of heads up when and if there is any action needed on nursing items. They’re ready and available to help you through the entire process regardless of the number of assignments you’ve been on or agencies you’ve traveled with. 

The Great Ones Are Referral-Worthy

This is pretty much any profession, but the best recruiters don’t need to talk themselves up a lot.

The nurses do it on their behalf.

So be sure to seek out a recruiter that comes well mentioned and also look for a recruiter with a lot of positive comments.

Many travel nurse agencies offer some type of referral bonus, but look for a recruiter that you want to refer other RNs to, and not simply for the extra cash from referrals, but mainly because you honestly believe they’ll have a nurse’s best interests in mind.

The Final Word

Travel nursing can be challenging, but you should have an easier time with the right recruiter and a little knowledge of what it takes to make one stand out from the rest.

Travel nurse recruiters are there for support throughout your contract as well as when you’re deciding where to go next. The best travel nurse recruiters will take care of all your needs without having to ask them; they’ll keep in touch regularly and know how long things typically take so that they can plan ahead. It’s essential that you find someone who speaks your language–both literally and figuratively–and matches up personality-wise, or else it won’t work out. A good recruiter also has strong organizational skills because there is a lot involved in being on the road.

Travel nurses are busy people, so they need someone to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

Lastly, it’s important to find a recruiter you can trust because of their experience in the industry–no matter how short or long that is–and one you feel comfortable talking with on a personal level too.

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.


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