It’s not something you train for, it’s something you discover

Nursing itself is a very demanding profession.

Not only does it ask you to put your patient’s health first, but it also expects you to be physically, mentally, and emotionally present for your very own self-care. While there are pros and cons to this, the fact is it actually prepares nurses to practice compassion in every nook and corner of their careers and lives.

It’s not just the fact that to be a nurse, you must have compassion, but also it’s because of our selfless nature that makes nurses the most compassionate people anywhere.

This article will prove why nurses are the most compassionate people around.

Dedicated to helping others

Being a nurse doesn’t simply mean showing up and clocking in for 12-hour shifts.

It also means that during these long duty hours, you’ve got to invest in managing your patients personally and professionally. It’s more than just nursing and hospital care. It goes far beyond a simple nurse-to-patient relationship.

We invest in them as human beings too.

If you’re working in a hospital care setting, you’ve to upgrade the way you empathize with your patients. Nurses grind three 12 hours of duties per week (minimum) in facilities that are fully devoted to their patient’s care.

Practicing compassion assists nurses in helping people with their full hearts and souls. When you help others to feel better, more people are likely to reciprocate that same act of caring in return.

Our tendency towards care and concern is one of the main reasons that make nurses the most compassionate people on earth.

We are trained to stay calm in the storm

I’ve been an ERR nurse for the greater part of 20 years.

But the fact is, nurses have trained for and developed the ability and skill to stay calm during the gravest of medical emergencies. In and of itself, it’s simply part of the job. But the bigger picture suggests that even outside our 12-hour shifts, nurses are the calmest of the calm when chaos rears its ugly head.

All this is to say that nurses can show and express compassion during chaotic or unpredictable scenarios.

For instance, if you’re working in a hospital, you’ve to be there for your patients in the thick of chaos. From suffering a heart attack to having an allergic reaction or experiencing extreme anxiety, you provide comfort and compassion when they need it most.

It’s this kind of selflessness that shows why nurses are truly the most compassionate people around.

After consistent training and practice, it becomes innate for nurses to deal with life-threatening conditions with a calm demeanor.

Nurses are the best listeners around

Being a nurse, you’ve to ensure active listening while dealing with your patients and their families.

Nurses are always ready to give an ear to their patient’s concerns and complaints not only to be a good human but often to learn more about a patient’s condition or illness. An admitted patient has many questions in their head regarding their condition, treatment protocol, and eventual discharge plan. When a nurse clears the doubts of their patients with compassion, the patients feel more at peace and mentally relaxed.

Also, patients with diverse cultures and ethnicities want nurses to respect their values while handling them. And what better way to do this than to be a great listener?

The final word

Nurses are compassionate people because they dedicate their lives to helping others.

They go above and beyond for their patients, and they’re always looking out for the best interest of those around them. This compassion is evident in everything nurses do, from interacting with patients to advocating for them to providing care that is both physically and emotionally healing.

So if you’re looking for someone to be there for you during the toughest times in your life, nurses are the best people to turn to. They will always listen with compassion and provide care that is unrivaled anywhere else.

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