As we write this, the COVID crisis is waning, and those wicked high-paying contracts are seemingly drying up.

But travel nursing as a whole is still a thriving industry.

Travel nursing is an intriguing idea of improvising a flexible and unique lifestyle that enables you to explore new destinations and enhance your personal nursing experience. 

It provides an exotic opportunity to utilize your expertise to facilitate others while embarking on new journeys in new places. Your first travel nursing assignment can be intimidating, but following the right tactics can enhance your professional and personal growth. 

Let’s dive in and talk about your comprehensive travel nursing checklist.

Start with Proper Research

Being aware of the challenges upfront makes you prepare for the worst. 

Thus, comprehensive research provides you with a pathway to choose a particular direction where you want to go, whether it’s a specific city, hospital, or locale.

As a newbie, you must gather the necessary information to get started as a travel nurse. That being the case, you can reach out to experienced nurses in this niche. Consult experienced travel nurses via in-house visits or through social media links and groups.   

It’ll keep you well-informed about the ups and downs of the profession before committing to anything. 

In addition, never hesitate to go to recruiters. Ask questions and invest your time in gathering important information.

Align Yourself with the Right Recruiter

Searching out for travel nursing opportunities on your own can be stressful. 

Therefore, you need to get the right recruiter from the start to nail down your dream job. You can communicate with more than one recruiter depending on your needs to get the best fit for your preferences and desires.

The right one understands your goals and helps you find your ideal position.

Organize Everything to Apply

The travel nursing checklist is incomplete without precise organization. 

Kind of like the way a travel RN would approach caring for a patient if we’re honest.

If you’re ready to start applying, you must make sure that you meet the necessary job requirements. To become a travel nurse, you will require an updated license, immunizations, and other essentials for the places you want to work. Even if you’re moving among various states of the USA, requirements may vary as you move around. 

So, you must optimize all the paperwork you may have to present to your recruiter. 

Look for Housing Arrangements

It would be best if you were concerned about your living arrangements even before landing at your first assignment destination. 

For this purpose, use newspapers, vendors, or travel nurse websites to explore your options for temporary living in the areas you’re interested in. Asking nurses who have been there is always a great way to find housing too.

You can also secure a handful of discounts as the hospitality industry usually favors nurses and front-line caregivers. 

Handle Things Patiently

Being a nurse and working in a new environment is sometimes stressful. 

On top of that, patients and their families can be harsh during these challenging times. In these circumstances, communicate effectively to inquire about any special considerations for the patient. 

Don’t take anything personally! 

Connect with Fellow Travel Nurses

In today’s digital world, you can easily connect with others miles away from each other. 

It is helpful to connect with other traveling nurses in your area. Having a friendly relationship with other nurses during your assignment adventure is significant. 

For instance, if you have a problem, others’ experiences help you navigate a way out of it for you. So, never hesitate to say hello and connect with other nurses via social media. 

You can learn some of the best real-world travel nurse tips from them!

The final word

Taking your time and finding the right fit as you seek a gig is the ticket to success. 

We know and believe that the first assignment isn’t a piece of cake. Especially making various arrangements and managing everything by yourself can be tiresome. That’s why, to ensure a seamless experience, your travel nurse company and recruiter should facilitate travel nurses with their complete onboarding journey. 

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.


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