Frequently asked questions

What is travel nursing?
Travel nurses are basically regular nurses, except they work on short term contracts, often in various cities. Contracts generally are 13-weeks in duration, but many can be shorter and in some cases longer. It’s very possible that these contracts are extended and a nurse will stay at one hospital for a longer period of time. Some nurses, however, prefer to remain on the go and explore new cities, new locations, and often a variety clinical settings with each new assignment. Travel nurse who try to maintain steady assignments without any lengthy gaps in between will typically average about four contract assignments per year.
How much experience do I need?
You will need at least one year of experience in your specialty, preferably in a hospital or clinical setting, before you can apply for travel nurse jobs. There are some facilities who may require two years + of experience, and still others require previous travel nursing experience. Your best bet is to connect with your Bestica Healthcare recruiter to explore the options that will fit best for you.
Can I travel with a pet?
We understand how important our furry friends are so the answer is ALMOST always yes. If you are paying privately for your lodgings through a housing allowance, you may certainly bring your pet if your landlord has no objections. If Bestica Healthcare is arranging your lodgings for you, pets may be an option in certain cases. It’s best to chat with  your recruiter for specific details about your assignments.
What specialties have the most jobs available?
Traditionally speaking, areas and specialties like ER, OR, ICU, Med Surg, and L&D tend to have the most jobs available consistently, though demand does fluctuate. At the end of 2022 and well into the new year Rad Techs including CT, MRI, and other niche Techs have become a huge demand! Higher pay is also being offered with these roles so it’s a great time for becoming a traveling technician! Bestica Inc. has relationships with hospitals across the US, so we’re able to offer open travel assignments across all specialties. If you’d like to see what we currently have available, be sure to search all our open jobs!
Ok I’m totally ready to get started. What do I do next?
You can fill out an application directly on our website at or upload a resume to job posting. A recruiter will then contact you and start collecting the documents needed to submit you to the facility for consideration. Getting started with Bestica Healthcare is super simple. You can call us direct at (210) 446-4136, or email us here, of our recruiters will be happy to assist you, and walk you through the process, step-by-step.