Raising kiddos as a couple or even as a single parent of young children is extremely challenging.

It can be a high demand and an emotional experience. However, becoming an empty nester revives the opportunity to get out and explore, pursue old hobbies, and take on new challenges that you’ve always wanted to do. Travel nursing is one way for RNs to deal with their kids going off to school or even growing up and moving out on their own.

Overall, nursing (to include travel nursing and hospital nursing) will see a 15 percent increase in job prospects and positions from 2016 to 2026, indicating that there will be a need for more travel nurses, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics recent report.

So even if you’re still unsure about becoming a travel nurse, teetering on the edge, or almost ready to take the dive into taking on assignments in facilities across the US, here are several reasons why we think travel nursing is the perfect next step for empty nesters.

Age Is Just A Number, Right?

You’ve heard this before, and perhaps at this stage in your nursing career, you’re wondering if you’re too old.

I’m here to tell you not just no, but heck no!

It’s never too late to discover why you didn’t choose to become a travel nurse as a young adult if you’re sitting at home pondering it this very moment.

According to a National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. research, the average age of a nurse is 51 years old. There has never been a better time to find the perfect contract, with the compensation, bonuses, and benefits that travel nurses enjoy these days.

Especially now with the growing popularity of travel nursing and nursing jobs, plus the demand for nurses, in general, is rising.

The Flexibility Is Just What You Might Need

Taking on a travel nursing assignment not only means adventure but also means pursuing various opportunities at your very own pace.

If you only want to work in one new location each year, that’s fine.

Perhaps you want to really explore, so seeking multiple contracts over the course of a year is also a legit option. The flexibility as a travel nurse allows you to work as you please, where you please when you want.

And isn’t that a fantastic by-product of becoming an empty nester?

If you’re a working parent, it’s challenging to find time to visit family in another city or state. But becoming a travel nurse allows you to maintain that flex and still work as a professional while receiving great benefits.

Travel nursing gives you the flexibility to work across the country and spend quality time with people that matter most to you.

Take Your Partner On The Raod With You

Becoming an empty nester and wanting to travel doesn’t have to mean you leave your partner behind. If you choose to pursue this new career option as an agency or travel nurse, there are so many options.

Quite the contrary, actually, and it even applies to your best friend.

If they’re an empty nester like you, they could just be looking for something new to do. So, why not go on a travel adventure together? 

Your spouse can also work as a travel nurse or freelance employment to help you along your new and exciting career path.

The options are boundless!

You Have Experience, So You Can Pick Some Great Assignments

Hospitals, facilities, and even agencies across the country are searching for qualified nurses who are eager to work short assignments. Your nursing background will make you more appealing as a travel nurse to recruiters, future employers, and even healthcare facilities, so why not take a chance and pack your bags?

The truth is, travel nursing isn’t only for the young nurses and relatively recent graduates. It’s as much for us nurses who have spent the last few decades raising a family, showing up to our jobs, and never had the opportunity to travel the country and pursue travel nursing opportunities.

Set aside some time this month to do your research and discover some of the lesser-known attractions across the country; who knows, maybe you’ll find a few places that pique your interest that may become your temporary home in the near future.

And remember, your team here at Bestica Healthcare is here to support you with experience, resources, and wonderful packages in facilities across the US.

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.

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