Employees should report compliance issues to their Bestica manager or they may contact the Bestica hotline number or complete the electronic form. The hotline number is 469-206-8437. When filing or completing a compliance report, employees are assured strict confidentiality as allowed by law.

Employees remain anonymous by using the  Bestica Anonymous Compliance Form. 

All compliance issues are investigated by a compliance representative. You may choose to remain anonymous or you may provide your contact information so the compliance representative can respond to you.

Code of Conduct

At Bestica, high standards of professional conduct and ethics are essential for us to achieve our goals. We rely on the good judgment of our employees, associates and agents to comply with the law, act with integrity, and safeguard the company’s reputation in every situation. Our culture is based on trust, mutual respect and high standards of professional conduct and ethics. The Code of Conduct makes it clear our basic expectations of all employees.

The full  Bestica Code of Conduct that all employees affirm annually can be read  here.