Bestica delivers exceptional service to our clinicians

With hundreds of open jobs both local and travel, Bestica offers a variety of satisfying and unique career opportunities!

To the new traveler, Bestica will walk along side of you every step of the way! We will virtually hold your hand through the facility onboarding and make sure you’re 100% ready for your first day!

To the experienced traveler, we love learning from you! You’ve become our best friends and even our teachers. You give us insight only you would have and you keep making us better! 

All of our travelers will receive the attention they deserve and need. 

How do we make things easy?

Our robust team includes our recruiters who respond quickly to your text, calls and emails.

Our credentialing team is using encrypted emails to keep your information safe and handling it with care! Our credentialing representatives are experts in their niche of healthcare and will help you with appointments, remind you of license renewals and even help you apply when needed! 

More about Bestica:

Our story begins in 2005 in San Antonio, Texas. Our healthcare staffing division is a fast-growing, national provider of healthcare professionals, offering a full range of travel nursing, per diem, allied health, non-clinical, and emergency relief staffing, as well as permanent placement opportunities. Bestica continues to set the industry standard for quality, service, and integrity in our government services, IT, as well as healthcare staffing services. Our people-focused mentality has been at the forefront of our company culture for 16 years and counting. That mission will never go out of style.

Meet the Team

Jason Sharp

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling the US to discover natures beauty and attend cool concerts! I Love family and football! Root for my Alma Modern UTSA “Go Roadrunners!”

Superpower: Staying healthy! I do Camp Gladiator 5 Days a week!

Account Managers

Patty Garcia

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Fun Fact: I love to travel the world! My favorite place so far has been Japan!

Superpower: Artist. I paint, draw, write, sing & act! 


Nick Banerji

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Fun Fact: I play the guitar whenever I’m happy and love immersing myself in music. I’m a huge fan of The Office and Breaking Bad, and I have a soft spot for Friends TV show too!

Superpower: Making people laugh!

VIDHA Antarvedi

Location: Texas

Fun Fact: A music enthusiast who finds solace in melodies, an avid nature explorer, and a lover of classical dance. Life for me is a canvas waiting to be painted with experiences.

Superpower: My will to make things happen!

Credentialing Team

Alice Hopkins

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Fun Fact: I love to go wine tasting and love, love to cycle!

Superpower: Strength, resilience and endurance!

Facts About Bestica

How offers are made

Get an offer within hours! Once your profile is submitted you may get a call from a unit manager within hours to interview. If they deem you a good fit, you may receive an offer same day. Not all facilities work as quickly but those who do not usually respond within days.

Submission process

All facilities have different requirements to submit a caregiver but the most common requirements are: Recent CV, Two References completed, Copies of Certificates such as BLS, ACLS, and PALs as well as a license verification.

What is required to be a traveler with Bestica

Each job will have requirements. If you meet those requirements and have your credentials in order, you can be submitted to the job. Facilities will require your experience is recent in the specialty in which you are applying to.

Meals and Housing Paid

If you live 50+ miles away from your travel assignment, you will qualify for a housing stipend as well as meals and incidentals. Bestica Inc. pays the max stipend allowed by the county and provided by the GSA.

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