This is probably one of the most fun articles I’ve written in a while.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re all fun in their own unique way. But this one really let some fun and creativity shine through. The truth is I could very well list a dozen or more things that are unique to travel nursing, but alas, we’re all so short on time.

So without further ado, here are my most favorite things about living the travel nurse lifestyle.

1. There’s never a dull day in this adventurous lifestyle

We’ve all had those days when we feel like we are simply waiting for time to pass, with nothing exciting to look forward to. There’s no time for boredom as a traveler.

Traveling and seeing the world is a thrilling experience that makes life worth living. There’s no denying that this occupation is exciting and diverting. It’s unpredictable, entertaining, and jam-packed with adventure!

A typical day as a travel nurse is virtually non-existent. It’s an ever-changing, seat-of-your-pants life.

2. You get to see the country and get paid

From coast to coast, north to the south, beach to mountains, there is nothing quite like being a travel RN.

The most enjoyable aspect of travel nursing for me is the opportunity to see the nation while earning money. You’ll see everything from tiny, one-street “villages” to big, congested cities.

I’ve known lots of folks, nurses and not, who have never left their home state.

Travel nursing is the cure-all for that!

3. Second to none experience as a healthcare provider

The experience you can gain as a travel nurse is priceless. My wife and I have both been travel RNs, and I will share that what we’ve learned as nomadic nurses is, bar none, some of the best experiences we’ve had.

We’ve worked in small specialty hospitals all the way to large, level 1 type inner-city facilities.

Being a travel nurse has also given us a level of confidence that is not attainable in most other “normal” jobs.

4. You’ll have the most unique living rooms

From RV’s to extended stay residences, hotels, Air BnB, and everything in between, the nomadic life is like none other.

Truth bomb here. Living in an RV and seeing the country is NOT something I want to do.

That being said, many travel nurses see the country, make great money, and do it all from their house on wheels. They live the RV life and love it.

I personally have experienced many of these options. One contract I spent in a hotel that overlooked the ocean. It was kind of a dream of a lifetime but let me tell you this. I don’t know of any professions where this happens. Other times have been in extended-stay motels. I was housed in a traditional 2-bedroom apartment close to the hospital in my early days of traveling.

This lifestyle is great for my wife and I simply because we can experience a variety of living styles.

5. A couch in every state

Point blank is we have made friends and acquaintances across the USA.

Perhaps not literally every state, but I’d bet we’re pretty darn close to it. And it’s all a result of travel nursing and the variety that this career presents. Nurses, especially travel nurses, have a unique connection, and it’s always nice to make new friends with other nurses across the country.

Plus, thanks to Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and all the social media channels, it is easier than ever to stay connected with our newly found tribe.

6. Being a storm chaser

All right, maybe the title is a bit much, but the truth is, as travel nurses, we can beat the weather.

Meaning when it’s cold in the north, we take a gig by the beach. And when it’s blazing hot in the summer, we can roll on into a contract in a cool state. Or if you’d like, then by all means, stick out the winter up north.

The options are endless, and so is the ability to stay ahead of the weather.

It’s fantastic to be able to enjoy your favorite season all year long!

7. Freedom

I was a bit scared on my first travel assignment.

But it wasn’t too long into that contract that fear was replaced by freedom. What I mean is that while I was nervous about leaving behind friends, a job, some family, and the comforts I knew, taking a travel contract taught me tons about becoming independent. My confidence eventually soared to new heights. And the best part?

It was on a travel contract that I actually met my wife.

The final word

So there ya have it!

We’ve identified 8 ways that a career as a travel nurse is unique and different from other professions.

For example, nomadic nurses can make more money than staff RNs and enjoy some of the best healthcare experiences around. Plus, you might just meet your spouse on one of these contracts!

There are so many fantastic aspects about traveling nursing that it would take forever to enumerate them all. Traveling is a beautiful experience in and of itself, but traveling across the country while doing what you love…well, it’s just unrivaled.

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.


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