Celebrate Your Nursing Friend with These Hilarious Memes

Nursing is a true calling and a labor of love.

And like most labor, it can be exhausting, frustrating, and oftentimes, thankless.

So why do we keep coming back for more?

While others may think a cup of coffee or a good scream into your pillow is the best remedy, I can’t help but feel that laughing with my nursing friends is the ultimate solution. These memes accurately depict what part of this hospital’s nursing staff being means to me – and it sure isn’t dull!

  1. Cue the ‘brown chicken brown cowwww’

2. You cannot be serious…

3. When you can’t take it anymore ; )

4. Seriously bro?

5. Uhhmmmmm…yup.

6. IYKYK (especially you ER nurses!)

7. Surrreeee…whatever you say doc.

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