As a nurse, we read a lot. Whether you like to read or don’t like it so much, reading is part of the gig.

From medication labels to physicians’ notes and all the way to researching patient diagnoses and diseases, we read.

But what about after the shift is over. When all we want to do is chill out and read a great book. What then?

Every travel nurse knows that taking a contract away from home can wear you down. Thirteen weeks doesn’t sound like a lot, but it indeed feels like a lot after a bit. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge, a reminder to recapture your sense of adventure at the beginning.

The following books won’t just take your thoughts and emotions away for a while; they’ll also improve you as a person by reading them. After all, this is literature, the stuff of magnificent aspirations!

Atomic Habits, James Clear

Arguably one of the best books about the importance and power of habits.

In four easy steps, Atomic Habits is an in-depth look at the science behind behavior change that will show you how to break old habits and form new ones. Create positive change NOW!

On The Road, Jack Kerouac

Yes, this is in my personal arsenal, and it’s worth the read.

Kerouac talks of freedom, generosity, and longing, establishing him as the voice of the Beat Generation. It’s the quintessential story of the American road trip. 

His unique writing style, jazz-like in nature, was the essence of the 50s underground movement. It proved to be an inspirational work with lasting importance. 

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

A story about following your dreams, it centers on an Andalusian shepherd boy who longs to travel in search of wealth. But it’s truly about the journey, much like your life, that takes him and us to something far more valuable.

Don’t be fooled by its small stature; this book’s breadth and emotion are greater than those ten times its length.

The Hobbit, JRR Tolkien

While this is a magical tale of hobbits and dragons, it’s really about travel, adventure, and finding oneself.

One of my top 3 books a-of all time. This one is not only worth the read but worth the movie too. Yes!!! They made a movie out of this book.

From Bedside to Beachside, Rick Martinez RN

This one is soon to be released and is geared toward the modern-day travel nurse.

How to get started and, more importantly, WHY all nurses should try to travel at least once. From a veteran travel R.N., you’ll want to learn from his successes and, as important, from his mistakes.

Get on the waitlist here!

E.R. Nurses, James Patterson

A collection of true stories from the frontlines of America’s E.R.s.

You don’t need to be an emergency room R.N. to appreciate this. Still, we recommend it to all nurses, travelers or not.

That’s our short and sweet list!

As tough as your job is as an R.N., it’s crucial to remember that you too need some inspiration. So take a moment, grab one of these books, and let yourself wander a bit.

Which books help keep you inspired?  

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