When you’re working as a travel nurse, you’re away from your hometown or family, and that’s a fact you can’t escape.

Additionally, living in temporary housing can make you lonesome. After coming in from a long 12-hour grind, you crave a cozy environment and safe space that one’s call home.

That’s why it’s important to create a comfy aura within your place to so you’re not as homesick.

Here are the 5 ways to make your temporary house a home.

Unpack Your Luggage Right Away

The ideal way to get settled in at your new place is by unpacking your baggage ASAP.

When you put your belongings in the right spot and declutter unnecessary stuff, you’ll get the homie feeling. Be quick to unpack your luggage to decorate and organize your belongings in your house. Plus, being able to put those suitcases in the closet and out of mind makes it feel cozier sooner.

Although it’s a temporary place, you should treat it as your new home.

Personalize and Beautify

Take your favorite possessions, such as childhood pics, photo albums, and stuffed toys, with you.

You can also keep your preferred blanket and pillow. Find an old shoebox, fill it with the souvenirs you got from your friends, and place it across your new (temporary) home. I’d even go so far as to purchase some scented candles and buy a bouquet to bring freshness to your new space.

When your home contains a peaceful aura, you don’t want to go elsewhere.

Bring Greenery To Your Space

Bringing indoor plants and flowers to your place is very convenient and will be the nicest addition to your temporary housing.

Having something alive and growing is quite a wonderful statement. Go for economic and low-light-requiring plants that you can place anywhere in your room. Indoor plants not only brighten up your place but also elevate your mood.

Greenery tends to have therapeutic effects on your mind and reduce stress.

Tune Into The Art Of Solitude

Being in a temporary place teaches you to be good on your own without the company of others.

Treat yourself to the food you love or movies you’ve always wanted to watch in your new digs.

Try to find some new hobbies, such as learning a musical instrument or gardening, that keeps you busy both creatively and personally.

It will allow you to accept your temporary setting as a home where you can stay comfortably by yourself.

Hangout With Your New Workmates

As a travel nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people.

So, you can invite your co-workers or new friends over to your house. It would be a heartwarming gesture from your side to form permanent relations. Cook a delicious dinner, make an evening plan or hit the club with them. Being around your workmates and friends will create that familiar atmosphere you need in your temporary housing.

Additionally, making fresh memories with your peers ensures you feel like your temporary housing is a home.

The Final Word

After completing your chaotic nursing shift, you yearn for a place where you can rest to your fullest. These tips will aid you in making your temporary house a home while exploring the world as a travel nurse.

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