What to do after Accepting your First Travel Nurse Assignment

You’ve accepted your first travel nursing assignment, and now you’re ready to fly across the country to jump in head first.

You might be new, and that’s ok, just know that your lack of experience in travel nursing can make you anxious as your start date approaches.

But take a breather as this article will tell you about the 5 tips that are going to make your travel nursing assignment a tad less stressful and a lot more successful.

1. Pack a Lighter Luggage

Many “wet behind the ears” travel nurses take way too much “stuff” on their first assignment.

Don’t follow in their footsteps because travel nursing assignments only last 13 weeks. Bring what you think is necessary and unavoidable for your stay.

For example, for me, taking my laptop is an essential item as I love to write in my downtime. Also, consider the weather in your new locale. If it’s warm, you can likely leave the seaters at home or in storage.

One thing to remember is that while you will have your days off, the essence of your travel is to be working a minimum of 3-shifts per week.

2. Join a Community of Travel Nurses

Yes, these communities exist, and they’re getting bigger.

The truth is that working in a new and unfamiliar place can be adventurous, but you might feel lonely at times.

One thing to do is hop into online groups set up and run by fellow travel RNs. You might well get to know nurses who will be or are, already working in the places you’ll be headed to. And to me that’s one awesome perk, knowing what exactly you’re jumping into for three months, and maybe more.

Plus, you never know, you might also find a future roommate or travel nurse buddy!

3. Stay Connected To Your Recruiter

Your recruiter is your lifeline for all things unknown.

You should first tell your recruiter whenever you find difficulty related to your nursing assignment. It’s always ideal to remain in contact with your recruiter once every week to discuss issues with your housing, schedule, or paycheck. Or even just to pop in and say what’s up!

Moreover, your recruiter will assist you in finding your next travel nursing assignment. The recruiter also plays a key role in extending your current contract and also making your 13-week gig a happy one.

4. Create Healthy Bonds with your Co-workers

It can all start with a simple cup of coffee with your co-workers during break time, or hanging out in a nearby cafe.

You should remember that these people will spend more time with you during the workweek than your family or friends, so it only makes sense to get to know them better.

One of the best things about working as a travel nurse is the opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life. You might even make some long-term friends while on the job.

The truth is, you may not get along with everyone, although dealing with your co-workers with respect can assist you in completing your assignment successfully.

5. Take your Temporary Assignment as a Permanent Job

Even though it is indeed a temp gig, don’t treat it as such.

Go into your new contract eyes wide open, and act as if this will be your permanent home. That mindset will not only impact how you sink or swim but is also detectable by your new co-workers as well.

So do whatever it takes to make a good impression on your supervisors and charge nurses, as they will impact whether or not you stay at their facility.

Once you’ve completed your first assignment, you can start looking for your next one with a positive attitude and a wealth of experience backing you up.

In short, don’t think of this as a “temporary” gig. It’s an opportunity to broaden your experience and geographical scope and to meet new people. Embrace it!

The Final Word

Your first travel nurse assignment holds a special place in your heart. It’s an experience that can be life-changing, so don’t let anything stand in your way.

Do your best to make the most of it and take everything that comes your way in stride. And always remember to keep your recruiter in the loop. They’re there to help you, not just find your assignments!

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