The popularity of travel nursing has exploded over the past few years, luring nurses from across the country to higher pay and a more flexible lifestyle.

Nursing professionals are increasingly shunning the routine-ness of day-to-day staff jobs for the more exciting and world of travel nursing. Even after their first year as nurses, newer graduates are gradually accumulating the nursing experience that is often needed before taking on a travel adventure, and to able to work as a travel nurse.

With more and more nurses seeking the travel nurse life, the competition for these short-term, in demand, high-paying travel nurse assignments is stiff and if you want to stand out and launch your career in this specialty, it’s always wise to stay on the radar of your agency.

Here are five habits of travel nurses who are always at the top of the agency speed dial when high demand assignments open in urgent and crucial situations.

1. These nurses are responsive

Successful travel nurses who have great relationships with their recruiter and agency know that communication is a two-way street. These nursing pros keep their phone close by to answer calls, routinely check their voicemail for any missed calls, and promptly respond to texts or emails.

They know that it could be a contract that will fill fast.

And in turn, these same nurses expect a high level of communication from their agency – and the recruiter should be their support leading up to and during their assignments, knowing that mutual trust is the backbone of their relationship.

I know when I was an active travel nurse, my agency was super professional, I had their number on speed dial, plus I considered them friends.

Typically, the firm will need many documentation items from the nurse. At a minimum of course is licensure info for specific positions and contracts.

Therefore, travelers and their companies must establish a real bond of trust. To find the right match is like finding gold and a bonus that keeps on giving.

Think of it like this – when shopping around for car insurance quotes, are you going to go with the insurance company that takes a week to return your call?

Likely, no. You’re typically going to go with the agent who returns your call within the same day and is excited to help you. Expect that from your travel rep, and they will expect the same from you.

2. These nurses complete their profiles to signal readiness

Generally speaking, the travel nurse application process has can be broken down into parts, or phases. The first part is the Apply Now form, which may simply ask for your email.

The second part of the application usually asks for your basic contact information: specialty, years of experience, and state licensure. When you go on to complete the next phase of the application, and digitally sign that this is all “true and correct”, this signals companies that you’re ready for hire and hospital work.

The truth is you, the potential travel nurse, hold a lot of power here in this phase.

How quickly you are offered nurse travel jobs, submitted for assignments at hospitals and healthcare facilities, and of course travel nurse packages is dependent on you my friend.

This final part is your Nurse Profile.

This is the longest part of your application but includes the critical information a company needs to know to call you first. When RNs have this entire profile filled out, your chances of getting on the road at hitting your assignments faster increase exponentially.

Getting this done in a timely and efficient manner is a great way to build any short term, high demand relationship.

3. These nurses are flexible and willing to learn

Highly successful travel nurses, whether seasoned or brand new, are flexible and willing to consider new and different opportunities and assignments.

When RNs are flexible with start dates, for example, you open up more travel opportunities for yourself. This also gives hospitals and agencies some peace of mind. Knowing that you’ll likely be a travel nurse who’s easy to work with and can move with changes that may occur, makes finding nursing jobs and an assignment that much smoother.

Trust that your recruiter and their support staff has a wide-angle lens to all open hospitals and positions, and can offer helpful assignment advice that makes you competitive when the perfect one opens.

4. These travel nurses have multiple state licenses

More licenses = more opportunities.


When a travel nurse holds multiple state licenses, your recruiters will typically be able to submit you to more facilities, more hospitals, more assignments, and this all will increase your success and allowing you to earn higher compensation in different states.

Of course, being licensed in a compact state is always a plus from the get-go for any registered nurse.

5. Travel nurses time-off requests are minimal

Nothing adds more complexity to your potential travel assignment than submitting long or multiple personal time-off requests.

The most successful travel nurses will take a short term assignment because they are ready to hit the ground running for their new patients and hospital.

Simply put, theses RNs are ready to work.

Of course, a recruiter will make every effort to work with the hospital and facilities to provide reasonable accommodations, but applying for a job that does not overlap long with personal absences will always strengthen your chances of landing the nursing gig.

Maintaining these habits of successful travel nurses and being a travel-ready registered nurse will ensure you’re one of the first travelers recruiters will call for a contract, a hot job, or cool nursing assignments that benefits you, their facilities, and patients.

The final word

The final word on this article is that if you are a travel-ready registered nurse, make sure to have all the tips above in mind.

This will ensure you’re one of the first travel nurses that healthcare recruiters will call for a contract, a hot job, or cool nursing assignments that benefits you, your patients and your career.

Are you ready to find the right recruiter for you and start your travel nursing adventure? Our experienced, compassionate recruiters are ready to help you grow your nursing career. Connect with a recruiter at Bestica Healthcare today for help finding your dream assignment!


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