(but only if you’re hell-bent on success)

In order to be successful as a travel nurse, it’s important to embrace the fact that you’re in charge of your own career.

Here are five things you should do to ensure a bright future for yourself ASAP.

Learn a New Skill

When you learn a new skill, it betters you as a person.

It fills you with confidence that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. These skills can be something like learning how to manage your time better.

So many people miss chances to grow as a nurse because of poor time management – because of how their day is stretched for time. They often overlook opportunities that come their way or immediately dismiss them, thinking they can’t possibly juggle anything else. 

Develop Your Leadership Potential

Believe it or not, everyone has leadership potential.

Some people are outgoing, strong leaders, while others lead quietly. You want to develop your leadership potential as part of your self-improvement – not necessarily because you want to go into leadership, but for the benefit it will bring to you. 

One benefit of developing your leadership potential as a nurse is that it will help you build better relationships with both patients and colleagues. It also instills in you a sense of purpose, letting you know that your work has value and makes a difference in people’s lives. Developing this kind of self-improvement lets you stick to your values and gives you the discipline to achieve success. 

It also inspires and empowers you, and what nurse doesn’t want to be and feel more empowered?

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are the limits on which people live their lives, and this is even more poignant for we nurses.

Setting a boundary means you set constraints on what is acceptable. 

These constraints can refer to what you accept for your emotional or physical self. When you have a boundary, it feels a lot like self-care – because it is. It means that you recognize that what you need to be whole and healthy is equally as necessary as what others may need. And this has a direct impact on your career as a travel nurse.

When you set boundaries, you establish the way that people are allowed to treat you.

Give Up Procrastination

Procrastination is a barrier to self-improvement and becoming the best travel RN you can be.

You’ll start the application tomorrow. You’ll begin that new diet next week. You’ll set boundaries after this next contract ends. You’ll change your negative habits when you have more money, time, or a better life situation. 

Procrastination is really fear that just all dressed up.

Maybe you are worried that you will become the object of criticism or that you will get rejected by people you care about if you change something about yourself. When you give in to procrastination, it means you are putting success on the back burner. Putting your dreams on hold.

You might think you are not making a choice one way or another, but you are. Not making a choice is actually making one. So the thing that you want to improve about yourself now and in the future?

Stop putting it off.

The lack of action on your part is eating away at your self-confidence. It undermines your success, and you were meant for more in life than what you allowed yourself to have. 

The final word

Nurses have to be especially diligent in setting boundaries.

It’s not only for their own sake but also for the sake of their patients and coworkers. When you set boundaries, it makes it easier to recognize what is and isn’t acceptable – which means that your work will always be up to your high standards. Procrastination is a barrier to self-improvement, so it’s important for nurses to develop a system where they can hold themselves accountable without sacrificing their dreams.

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