No experience necessary

Now I understand that nursing is already challenging.

I mean, 12-hour shifts, and sometimes we pull some OT. So why would any travel RN want to dive into a side gig?


Plus, many nurses are seeking additional income streams. So why not dig in and consider it?

I’m not sure if an entrepreneur is born or made, but I am sure of this.

That there is a little bug that gnaws away at some of us nurses. That little bug lets us know that there’s more out there. It’s that little thing that never seems to let go until we finally take that first leap.

So while I’m not sure if we’re born with it, I do know that we shouldn’t go alone.

I mean, you didn’t figure out nursing school on your own. Right?

But I digress…

Wanting to be an entrepreneur or freelancer and have control of your own life is the desire of many of us nurses. However, it can be hard to know what businesses even to start.

Do I go with what I know and love?

Or do I start with what is hot and profitable?

Maybe I meld the two and do something crazy new?

Thankfully, with the internet, social media, articles like this, and other technology, there are many different business ideas you can get started quickly from your home with little to zero start-up costs. 

Here are four small business ideas that any travel RN could start as a new entrepreneur.

Mindfulness, meditation, or life coach

Don’t just scroll by because it feels woo-woo.

This is real. People need these coaches. And many are thriving nowadays.

Plus, it has some honest alignment with what we do as RNs.

Just about everyone suffers from anxiety and is looking for ways to find instant relief. If you have a passion for calming anxiety or enjoy making people feel relaxed, becoming a meditation and mindfulness coach may be an excellent path for you.

Plus, as long as you’re not under twenty-three, you have experiences in life that someone needs to learn from.

Keep it simple. Start this idea with a blog, YouTube video sharing, and peaceful meditations on an audio channel. 

Digital marketing consultant

Gonna be honest here.

This one is tops on my list. Not only because it’s one of the niches that’s thriving. But also because it likely will never, ever, go away.

Do you enjoy content marketing and know exactly what it takes to market a business online? Are you the type who grasps how to create scroll-stopping graphics and pics?

Then starting a digital marketing consulting company is a profitable option for you.

Starting a blog and opening an Instagram and LinkedIn account will likely be the best places to start within this industry. And no need to overthink this.

Start with one.

Just you and one client. Then build from there. 

Personal finance coach

If there ever was a need for folks who could help others better manage their money, it’s now.

Many people need help with personal finances through one-on-one coaching, online courses, ebooks, or YouTube videos. However, the most traditional way to start this business idea is by creating a blog and sharing your best strategies to avoid debt, build credit, plan for retirement, and so much more.

If you have tips on increasing your income or making money online, those are other strategies that can help build your personal finance blog.

Again, the mantra is to keep it simple.

Share what you know, how you know, in the medium that works best for you. 

Online dropshipping store

Another popular option is to start an online dropshipping store through Shopify.

This one can usually easily be managed on off days or after a shift.

You can succeed within the dropshipping niche if you know how to market just about any product online. The idea is to find a company that stores, packages, and ships your items on your behalf, so you don’t have to. This model can be more expensive than traditional online stores but can make it easier for entrepreneurs to own their own product business.

Full transparency, this is not my skill set.

I have a bunch of friends who do this, though. They’re good at it too.

The final word

Starting a business can be overwhelming for a busy travel nurse. Still, it can also be enriching with the right advice and resources.

There are many different business ideas you can get started quickly from your home or even as a side-hustle with little to zero start-up costs. 

I hope one of these ideas resonates with you and sparks your entrepreneurial journey.

Remember these simple points.

1. Keep your business simple in the beginning

2. Start with what you know

3. Share your knowledge in the medium that works best for you

If you’re unsure which business to pursue as an entrepreneur, then take the time to research each of these ideas. Understand what it takes to get the work done and compare it to the life you want to live.

Then give one of these ideas a test run.

Just because you try them doesn’t mean you have to commit, nor is it a failure. Learning is part of the entrepreneurship journey and helps you discover and create the right business idea.

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next assignment today.


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