Travel nursing gives you ample opportunities to explore different healthcare settings, and cities, across the country. 

Besides a pretty decent paycheck, being a traveler can get you out of your comfort zone and into some experiences that could change your life for the better. After all, they say growth happens when we leave our comfort zones. Am I right?

But all these advantages come with a cost. 

The latter includes last-minute schedule changes, perhaps floating to a different unit, and, in worst cases, a canceled contract.

So yeah, organizing your career around full-time traveling might cause chaos in your daily life.

This article will share with you 5 life hacks for happy travel nurses that help you to manage everyday tasks and your gig positively.

Always be prepared

In my younger days, I always had a gym bag in the car.

You know, in case a homie called and wanted to hit the weights. I’d be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Well, it could be said that the same might be valid for a travel RN. 

Making decisions at the eleventh hour, I mean.

What I mean is this. For most of my travel gigs, I am there to work. It’s pretty rare that I go to a location for the weather or a fabulous city. I’m here to hustle. 

So I’m ready to roll at those last-minute calls.

And yes, they happen. A staff RN calls in, and they call the trusty traveler to pick up an extra shifty. Nad having my scrubs and ears handy is one of my “musts.” 

So yup, I carry everyday essentials with me to make life easier. 

In addition, prepare yourself for changing circumstances to avoid mental stress. A positive mindset is key to enjoying your travel nursing assignment.

Keep calm and take a deep breath 

The traveling process can get stressful for a travel RN. 

You’ve got to show up for interviews, and the fact is you will be selling yourself to a nurse manager. Even though units are short-staffed, it’s still a competitive world out there. That, and no assignment is a shoo-in, regardless of your experience. 

So just be sure to put your best self forward, keep calm and take a deep breath (or two).

Less is almost always more

Don’t put extra stuff in your luggage. 

I could end this part with that, but let me expand a bit. The fact is, you’re there to work. Even if it’s only three 12’s a week, you’re still there to work. Knowing that, I’m totally on board with packing less. 

If it’s chilly, don’t take 6 jackets. Instead, grab your top 2. If you have a fav food, there is no need to pack groceries. Have Amazon deliver or pop into a local grocer.

The bigger point is to take what you need, but don’t stress over tiny things. You can get them at the destination.

Watch what you put in your piehole

Travel nursing can be tiring, and when you’re tired, you choose easy.

Meaning fast food, vending machines, or worse, skipping meals. You know, easy. No cooking or shopping.

But I’m here to share that this may be one of the most critical parts of you being happy on assignment. 

So what can you do? The easy answer is meal prep. Grab some pre-made hard-boiled eggs and almonds. A box of low-carb energy bars is always great to have. And, of course, having an apple and peanut butter is an all-time fav.

Plus, these are all super easy to do, zero cooking needed.

Some folks may say to skip the caffeine, but I have to tell you that coffee for me is a must!

The final word

So there you have it, 4 life hacks for happy travel nurses.

By being prepared, keeping a positive mindset, and taking a few easy steps, you can make your traveling nursing career much easier and more enjoyable. Remember to pack light and watch what you eat- both will save you time and hassle.

And finally, don’t forget to enjoy your adventures!

To learn more about the travel nursing opportunity and cities across the country, visit Bestica Healthcare and start planning your next, or first, assignment today.


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